Bill Ayers surprised his association with Obama ‘blew up’ like it did

Struck by the presence of Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee at the Million Veteran March Sunday, Joan Walsh was led to ask when was the last time high-level Democrats could be found at a “hate group rally.” That hate group, she soon clarified, was not the veterans at large but the one dude with the confederate flag. If only he’d been photographed standing on an American flag, like Bill Ayers, that could have been forgiven.

Plenty remember not so long ago when Barack Obama hung around with the co-founder of the terrorist group Weather Underground, and though Ayers has since been demoted to just some guy in Obama’s old neighborhood, Ayers remembers things differently, stopping by “Morning Joe” yesterday and “NOW with Alex Wagner” today to promote his new book and reminisce about palling around with the future president.!/Matthops82/status/390164611644669952

Yes, he actually said that about his relationship with Barack Obama:!/ConservativeLA/status/390200580620451840

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