As goes Wisconsin, so goes … California? Big losses for Big Labor in San Jose and San Diego

Wisconsin isn’t the only state where citizens voted for fiscal sanity Tuesday. Voters in San Jose and San Diego embraced pension cuts for public union workers.

Guaranteed, defined benefit pensions for government workers eliminated in San Diego — gov worker pension reform plan passes in San Jose.

— TakingHayekSeriously (@FriedrichHayek) June 6, 2012

Prop B passes in San Diego via referendum. Will replace city pensions with 401k system for new hires except police officers

— Steve (@sstrella) June 6, 2012

In San Diego, 66 percent voted in favor of Proposition B, while 34 percent were opposed @cspanwj CUT PENSIONS (AP)

— Bill Badey (@10903) June 6, 2012

In San Jose, with 70 percent in favor of Measure B and 30 percent opposed cut in Pensions (AP) @cspanwj

— Bill Badey (@10903) June 6, 2012

More from The Washington Post:

Voters in two major California cities overwhelmingly approved cuts to retirement benefits for city workers in what supporters said was a mandate that may lead to similar ballot initiatives in other states and cities that are struggling with mounting pension obligations.

Supporters had a simple message to voters in San Diego and San Jose: Pensions for city workers are unaffordable and more generous than many private companies offer, forcing libraries to slash hours and potholes to go unfilled.

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