25 Sex Things Pretty Much All Women Talk About

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“Do you ever do this thing where…”

We recently asked women of the BuzzFeed Community to share exactly what they talk about when they talk about sex with their friends. And they did not disappoint! Here, just a few of the many types of sex talks you’ve probably had too:

1. When you have sex with someone new for the first time.

Comedy Central / pampoovye.tumblr.com

Comedy Central / pampoovye.tumblr.com


Inquiring minds need to know.

2. When you FINALLY have an orgasm with your new squeeze. FINALLY.

ABC / Via replygif.net

Because, noteworthy.

3. When you’re so horny you could hump a tree.

SNL Studios / Via reactiongifs.com

4. Or just the general discussion of how long it’s been since you’ve had sex.

Columbia Pictures / Via fuckyeahcruelintentions.tumblr.com

5. When you honestly would have rather skipped the foreplay.


Because, like, what was going on there?

6. When you brag about your go-to technique that you know you’re amazing at.

With educational hand gestures, of course.

7. Whenever a person’s genitals are particularly noteworthy.

Comedy Central / Via reddit.com

Like in terms of size, shape, color, party tricks, whatever.

8. When you’re really excited to tell your friend about a recent hookup and then you realize you’re in the grocery store and there are children around.


Quick — to the condom aisle!

9. And when you rely on completely unsubtle innuendos that everyone around you understands.

Universal Pictures / Via fuckyeahbridesmaids.tumblr.com

10. When you want to know if other people do that same thing you do.

Otherwise known as the “Is this normal?” talk. And the answer is pretty much always yes.

11. When you hook up with someone whose desires are… unconventional.

Pretty much any out-of-the-ordinary request, fetish, or sex move will be discussed and debated in great detail. No judgements, but…it’s a hell of a conversation starter.

12. When you sometimes just really need to text your friend immediately after you sleep with someone.

BuzzFeed Life

13. When you’re in a long-term relationship and all your stories are about your S.O., but, whatever, you’re going to tell them anyway.

VH1 / Via icanrepeatit.com

Deal with it.

14. Or when your friends know your S.O. way too well for you to go into specific details, so you vaguely — but strongly — infer that things are good.

CBS / Via giphy.com

“You don’t even KNOW.”

15. When you have ~thoughts~ about anal.

Whether you’re curious about it, terrified of it, or just want to talk through your feelings.

16. When you’re trying to get pregnant: whether or not you were ovulating.

17. And when you’re not trying to get pregnant: how paranoid you are about the possibility of ALREADY being pregnant.

Summit Entertainment / Via gifsofthings.tumblr.com

You used a condom and you’re on the pill, but you are CONVINCED you’re with child.

18. Whenever anything interesting happened after sex.

Universal Pictures / Via fuckyeahbridesmaids.tumblr.com

Like they high fived you or immediately ordered Seamless.

19. That casual discussion of all the pros and cons of your chosen pubic hair situation.

Comedy Central / Via themanmadecave.tumblr.com

Whether you wax, shave, laser, trim, or let it grow, it’s probably come up at least once.

20. When you humblebrag about the UTI you got from all the marathon sex you had last weekend.

Comedy Central


Sorry, not sorry. But actually kinda sorry, because UTIs hurt.

21. When your body did something weird and you’re wondering if you should call your gyno/therapist.

A strange pain, awkward spotting, or bodily fluids that you can’t entirely explain. Basically, just tell us if we’re dying or not.

22. Whenever something embarrassing happens that’s so mortifying it would be a sin not to tell someone.

Paramount Pictures / Via liketotallyclueless.tumblr.com

Like when you slipped during shower sex or your roommate’s date walked in on you having sex…you’re just not going to keep those gems to yourself.

23. If the sex was bad. Like, really bad.

The Lonely Island / Via wifflegif.com

Just let it out. Let it all out.

24. When you talk about how you ~think~ someone’s going to be in bed based on completely unrelated characteristics.

“They look like they know how to respect a woman…and make her orgasm.”

25. And every time you talk about how often you talk about sex.

Comedy Central / Via tv.yahoo.com

Which is basically how all of the above conversations end.

Thumbnail photo credit: Comedy Central via foxtel.tumblr.com

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