Planned Parenthood congratulates Miss America Kira Kazantsev, former intern

This year’s Miss America contestants demonstrated some, um, unique talents, including ventriloquism and goat impressions, but only winner Kira Kazantsev earned special praise from Planned Parenthood. Her hidden talent? Interning for the abortion provider.

Here's a little fact: Our newly crowned Miss America used to work for Planned Parenthood. An abortion organization.

— Anna Landis (@LandisAnna12) September 16, 2014

According to LifeNews’ Steven Ertelt, Kazantsev’s (apparently now deleted) LinkedIn page described her duties as assisting the “delivery of programs in local public schools, teaching children about mutual respect and self-esteem” and conducting research on Planned Parenthood education — making her perhaps the first person at Planned Parenthood to assist in delivery.

@PPFA @Salon So her talent is killing defenseless unborn children? AWESOME. That is so freaking cool! You go girl.

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) September 16, 2014

Whoa…Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev was previously an intern at Planned Parenthood in NY.

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) September 15, 2014

@Gabby_Hoffman @Sue_Brown OK, now you understand why she won.

— Daniel Shoop (@Shoopdj) September 15, 2014

@Gabby_Hoffman Ugh. Explains a lot. Why red solo cup won.

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) September 15, 2014

Salon took the occasion to publish a piece about the pageant’s long pro-choice history, noting that “In 1989, the Associated Press noted that 32 of the pageant’s 51 contestants identified as pro-choice.” Hooray?

The fact that our newly crowned Miss America worked for Planned Parenthood makes me kind of sick. Actually it makes me really sick.

— Andrew Schindler (@andrew_schinds) September 16, 2014


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