23 Emotional Stages Of Getting A Drastic Haircut

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Pixie cut envy has its price.

1. You’re getting bored with the same old hair every day.

2. You know what would be different and exciting? SHORT HAIR.

3. The decision process can be long.

So. Many. Options.

4. You ask your friends and family if you should get a haircut so many times that they just get bored.

Sony Pictures Television / Via kitteninspaghetti.tumblr.com

5. You get the impulse to just cut it yourself.

Waiting is for suckers.

6. But you finally decide to book an appointment.

Because cutting your own hair can be disastrous.

7. You try to back out at the last minute.

Warner Bros. Television / Via giphy.com


8. But it’s too late.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via giphy.com

The hairdresser has seen you.

9. Before you know it, the ponytail of hair is severed.

Warrior princess style.

10. And there is no turning back.

11. You look down to see all the hair lying on the salon floor.

“So I must be bald now, right?”

12. And of course you brought that one friend with you who is even more nervous than you are.

20th Century Fox Television / Via giphy.com

Their panic just adds to yours.

13. When you finally swivel around to take a peek in the mirror:


14. But when you take a second look….

Paramount Pictures / Via giphy.com

It’s actually quite cute!

15. You proudly show all your friends.

And update your prof pics, NATCH.

16. All of a sudden you CAN’T STOP TOUCHING YOUR HAIR.

It’s just so different.

17. Then you shower for the first time afterwards….

Universal Pictures / Via sinkinginboiledbrains.tumblr.com

And PANIC when you don’t feel hair where you used to.

18. It’s a roller coaster of hair-motions.

Nickelodeon Animation Studio / Via gifloop.tumblr.com

19. Weeping one moment…

20. Smug as anything the next.

21. Filled with rage when someone says, “Oh…I liked your hair long.”

22. Sometime’s you’re even indifferent.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via giphy.com

It grows back eventually.

23. But one morning you get up, and you wouldn’t change your hair for the world.

Eh, you can always grow it into a lob like everybody else.

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