Twitter brings the snark (and hate) to the Miss America candidates

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We know feminists aren’t fans of the Miss America pageant, but check out the comments thrown at these young women from people of all walks of life during the contest’s question-and-answer segment. (Summaries of their answers here.)

Miss Virginia was asked about ISIS and she suggested a more robust UN effort:

Miss Virginia gets ISIS. Let's see if she's read the paper lately. And…yes. Wants UN to be "bigger, more impactful" source. #MissAmerica

— Jennifer Weiner (@jenniferweiner) September 15, 2014

ISIS IS AN ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE …said Miss Virginia as she twirled her hair. #MissAmerica

— Corporette Law (@CorporetteLaw) September 15, 2014

Miss Virginia babbling on about ISIS more ignorantly than I do. I like it!

— Ben Hoffman (@thebenshow) September 15, 2014

Does Miss Virginia even know what Isis is and who they are?!

— Eric (EP) Petersen (@EPfromtheEP) September 15, 2014

Miss Florida, with the easiest question of the night, on Ray Rice:

As pretty as Miss Florida is…she really messed that question up about the ray rice situation. #horribleresponse

— Ashley. (@alanddd) September 15, 2014

Miss Florida just decided to say Ray Rice made a bad choice when asked about how his wife handled this situation. Wtf.

— Alixer (@LixnotLex) September 15, 2014

Miss Florida asked about Ray Rice. "I don't necessarily believe that he deserves a second chance." Hardball from Kathy Ireland. #MissAmerica

— Karen DaltonBeninato (@kbeninato) September 15, 2014

Shout out to Miss Florida for totally misunderstanding her Ray Rice question

— alexandra beaton (@aabeaton) September 15, 2014

Miss Arkansas was asked about guns and children:

Miss Arkansas gets to the 9-year-old Uzi girl. "Children don't need to know what it feels like to hold a gun of that caliber." #MissAmerica

— Jennifer Weiner (@jenniferweiner) September 15, 2014

Hey miss arkansas, that was NOT a military machine gun. Nor was it the child's fault it was the instructors. Nice failure @MissAmericaOrg

— Stevenb0n3zHatfield (@drb0n3z) September 15, 2014

Miss Arkansas preaching gun control… they’re not going to let her back in the state

— Texy (@Texas_Gal) September 15, 2014

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson just asked Miss Arkansas about gun regulations for children. I'm going to bed. #MissAmerica

— Paul Hagan (@thepaulhagan) September 15, 2014

Miss Massachusetts was asked about rape at college and her answer involved education programs to encourage “safe drinking” on campus. (Of note, it looks like Miss Massachusetts received the most criticism of the night. Not just snark, but outright hate.)

gah miss Massachusetts had the opportunity to shed some real light about rape on college campuses and she hashtag blew it. *face palm*

— LAUREN (@kentuckyBADGIRL) September 15, 2014

Literally still laughing about Miss Massachusetts answer. She basically said we need to take classes for safe drinking to prevent rape😂 #tf

— ɑɴɴiɛ✼ (@annieee_a) September 15, 2014

I would like Miss Massachusetts to explain wtf "safe drinking" has to do with rape prevention on college campuses. #missamerica

— Halfrican American (@lenubienne) September 15, 2014

recap: women should be blamed for staying w/ abusers and teaching "safe drinking" to college frosh will prevent rape. Awesome. #MissAmerica

— Sara (@saraakm7) September 15, 2014

And the ultimate winner, Miss New York, was asked about what issues should be important to women Senators and she answered rape in the military:

Ok I swear that lady was talking about senators and miss New York started talking about the military…

— lindsaaay☁️ (@howdylindsay) September 15, 2014

The new @MissAmerica wants Senators to focus on ending #MilitarySexualAssault #Congress #military @SenGillibrand

— UCMJustice News (@UCMJustice) September 15, 2014

Atleast Miss New York accomplished one thing Making every single viewer and person in the audience exceedingly uncomfortable

— Alexa Rape (@alexa_rape) September 15, 2014

Miss New York, they're asking about the senate. Not in the military. Kaloka. 😱😒

— Ianne (@siistanako) September 15, 2014

It’s not easy answering these questions and all in all, these were decent answers.

The biggest blooper of the night, however, goes to the man or woman at ABC in charge of graphics. It’s “Jane Austen,” not “Jane Austin.”



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