Reefer madness: Maureen Dowd shares her experience with pot


It’s the rare occasion when a Maureen Dowd column is worth a look, but today’s entry is providing a lot of amusement. Why? Dowd recounts her encounter in Colorado with a pot candy bar. Apparently the recommended serving size for a marijuana novice was one-sixteenth of a bar — something she learned after chomping down the whole thing.

Me and Maureen Dowd getting high behind the cafetorium.

MoDo: I'm freaking out. Let's call our parents!

Me: Mmmmaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn—   (@kept_simple) June 04, 2014!/nicholsong/status/474009007317716992

Come on, people, it’s Maureen Dowd.

Just say no (to pot and Maureen Dowd).

Fact check, please.!/schulznym/status/474010778584875008

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