Bernadette Peters is a Twitter “Smash”

Tony Award winner and Hollywood legend Bernadette Peters will appear on the new NBC series “Smash” as the mother of one of the aspiring Broadway starlets, Ivy Lynn. News about the guest spot hit Broadway blogs last week, but many Twitter fans who tuned into the show tonight just found out after the show ran a teaser.

“Smash” star Katharine McPhee also tweeted the news, and “Bernadette Peters” is now a trending topic:

She plays Ivy's mom! Great casting! #SMASH RT @KayleighVerno: Bernadette Peters on @SmashTheSeries next week! Can this get any better?!?!

— Kat McPhee (@katharinemcphee) March 13, 2012

Reaction was…dramatic:

When I saw the Smash promo and Bernadette Peters is on next week I started to cry. #nowijustcryfornothing

— Sierra (@crayolaawonderr) March 13, 2012!/streisandlupone/status/179407473113960448


— kaleigh (@kmaazzz) March 13, 2012

Bernadette Peters, can I just love you, FOREVER? #auntbernie

— E (@emsuar) March 13, 2012

If Bernadette Peters was really Ivy's mom, there's no question she'd get the Marilyn gig. Who would dare piss off la Bernadette? #Smash

— Tara (@Taragel) March 13, 2012!/Tay_Vandgrift/status/179405054560845826

Reactions to Bernadette Peters being on smash next week@ZBinx @scottsapts @jdlovitz @andrew3687

— Justen (@JdkPoP) March 13, 2012

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