Mockfest as Code Pink members reduce women to vaginas at GOP convention

Ah, the always classy and sexist Left! Get the mind bleach ready: Code Pink again broke out the vagina costumes. Members dressed up in giant vagina costumes to protest at the GOP convention in Tampa. Worse: They also danced around. In the costumes.

Code Pink @ GOP Convention "We have been going around in our vagina costumes. We were the dancing vaginas." #ridiculous #ihatecodepink

— Brynn Palmen (@bnpalmen) August 28, 2012

For that emetic alone, they must pay.

Some reports indicate that the resultant mocking caused them to pack up their absurd costumes and go home.

Just read #CodePink packed up their vaginas & went home. Like Colonel Angus, they overstayed their welcome @tonykatz @DLoesch #IWentThere

— MommaK (@Lautergeist) August 28, 2012

The mocking continues regardless. And rightly so.

I think it's safe to say that when you have to dress up like genitals to get attention, you're out of ideas. #CodePink

— Nick Rizzuto (@Nick_Rizzuto) August 28, 2012

Nothing says "We have a serious point to make" like a bunch of batshit crazies dressed in vagina costumes. #PussyRiot @codepink

— SFK (@stephenkruiser) August 26, 2012

Bingo. And this video and the following photos prove it, if you can stomach them.

Code Pink 'Vagina' Protest at the RNC Convention | MRCTV #LunaticLeft in their own words.. and outfits

— Matt Nesto (@MattNesto) August 28, 2012

#codepink to Chief: "we hope you won't be bashing our heads in." she replies with a smile, "no." @PoliticsTBTimes

— Jessica Vander Velde (@jvvTimes) August 27, 2012

RT @eeepee: Vaginas represent. #rnc @codepink #marchonthernc

— Robby Karran (@weelchrboy) August 27, 2012

Code Pink Protester At Vagina Rally On Romney: ‘’I Wouldn’t Cry If He Died’’ #tcot #tpp

— @iFoundation (@iFoundationNet) August 28, 2012

Can you feel the tolerance and love? Disgusting.

"Read my lips" lmao #GOP2012 RT @codepink: Vagina! #rnc #rnc2012

— Miss Laura (@LauraKMM) August 26, 2012

They also don’t seem to know what the meaning of respect is.

Twitter users continue to mock the Vagina Protesters, while trying to teach them a little something about reality. And women.

Dear Code Pink: The Left makes everything just plain gross. Thanks for nothing.

— B.Z. (@bzaz) August 27, 2012

#smh #eyeroll Yep, that's powerful idiocy. MT @codepink Ain't no power like the power of women! #vagina #tcot #gop2012

— L.N. Smithee (@LNSmithee) August 27, 2012

I think I spotted some #codepink …ahem…costumes in #Tampa crowd on local news. Makes me so proud to be a woman! #gross #wrongapproach

— Dawn (@dawnmh73) August 27, 2012

1. Make big vagina puppets 2. ??? 3. Profit! #CodePink

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) August 27, 2012

If Code Pink cared about the #WarOnWomen they would wear blue dresses to protest Bill Clinton not giant pick vaginas

— DANEgerus (@DANEgerus) August 27, 2012

@MichelleMalkin Today in Tampa, Code Pinkers dressed up as vaginas–seriously–to protest something, I suppose abortion.

— Power Line (@powerlineUS) August 28, 2012

Well, that's better than Code Pink costumes. RT @EWErickson: Looking out the window at the hotel and a manatee popped up out of the water.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) August 28, 2012

I thought #CodePink was an anti-war group. If so, why aren't they planning to protest the DNC convention? Obama's got wars, girls. #tcot

— LeighPatrickSullivan (@LeighPatrick) August 28, 2012

@secupp they can't use their words… the vagina doesn't have the ability to speak…#CodePink is an embarrassment to women

— Independent Patriot (@LibertysSpirit) August 28, 2012

Indeed. Here is the real War on Women: The Left, including the wackos at Code Pink, continue to incessantly reduce women to the sum of their girly bits only. Women must not use their words, nor their brains; that’s for boys! They are to consider themselves female parts only. No thinkies for you, ladies. Just yammer on about your vaginas. That’s Demisogynist and Femisogynist approved.

Wow. That shows a lot of respect for women, huh? You’ve come a long way, baby!


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