Obama bemoans ‘negativity,’ releases ad mocking Romney’s patriotism

Rather than apologize to Mitt Romney for incessantly smearing him with Bain trutherism, the Obama campaign has continued hammering him with negative attacks.

Today the campaign returned to fomenting Swiss bank account and outsourcing hysteria in a new ad set to Romney’s rendition of “America the Beautiful.”

Obama's new ad makes fun of Romney singing? Glad someone can be mature about the election…

— Stephen Patin (@StephenPatin) July 14, 2012

The campaign suggests Romney is “not the solution” because ZOMG offshore!!! And overseeeeeaaaas!!11!

The ad will air in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Funny, wasn’t it President Obama whining about “negativity” in campaign ads just yesterday? Guess he doesn’t like it when people point out that he’s the real outsourcer in chief.

The Left has goosebumps. No, really:

I have goosies! The Caucus: Obama Ad Features a Singing Romney http://t.co/B3GUquxT #Obama2012

— Samantha Kappalman (@samkapp) July 14, 2012

Killer ad from Obama camp. http://t.co/Byn9B7ZM

— Paul Begala (@PaulBegala) July 14, 2012

Best. Obama ad. Ever. http://t.co/871CzoLm

— Peter Feld (@peterfeld) July 14, 2012

After this ad, think there's only 1 more thing for Obama to say to Romney: where's the birth certificate ? http://t.co/lL0vmSOY

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) July 14, 2012

OMG! The Best Obama Ad Ever Against Mitt Romney! http://t.co/LOiLdxIr

— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) July 14, 2012

Does one prominent progressive think the ad is misguided?

I dunno, when I see this video I think "Romney is a decent singer who really loves America." Why is it damaging? http://t.co/WpGXfJRG

— Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) July 14, 2012

Nah, probably not.

Conservatives see signs of desperation in beating this worn out, dishonest drum and predict the attack on Romney’s patriotism will backfire.

Like "felon" charge,Obama's new ad goes too far. Reeks of nasty desparation & fits Romney's emerging narrative about Obama as vicious pol.

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) July 14, 2012

New Obama ad proves President will run ads w/ misinformation after info's been proven false. Why? B/c he thinks you're too dumb to know.

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) July 14, 2012

New Obama ad says more about O than Romney. Going to turn people off.

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) July 14, 2012

When Bush mocked Kerry it was lightly, u had to laugh. New Obama ad just comes off as cruel. Plus people now know the charges aren't true.

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) July 14, 2012

Go ahead, Obama. Keep mocking Romney’s patriotism (and his singing). Looks like you’re doin’ fine.

Obama election ad has Romney singing America the beautiful, well I'd vote for the patriot. #USelections

— Scott McGrath (@scottmcgrath43) July 14, 2012

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