Seth MacFarlane: Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho looks like ‘Gangnam Style’ singer

MacFarlane is comparing Cho to Korean singer “Psy,” the man responsible the viral “Gangnam Style” video:

Cho’s comedy may be vulgar, but that’s no excuse to attack her looks. It’s unclear whether MacFarlane is suggesting that Cho resembles a Korean man or that all Asians look alike. In either case, MacFarlane’s tweet is disgraceful, and it’s certainly unbecoming of an Academy Awards host.

nice to see that Oscar host @SethMacFarlane is dropping racist jokes about all Asians looking alike on his Twitter feed

— Rob Hatch-Miller (@robhatchmiller) October 3, 2012

@SethMacFarlane gotta love racist jokes. Except no wait, I don't. I'll add this to my list of reasons you're not funny.

— captain sharmie (@captainsharmie) October 3, 2012

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