Video: Golfer-in-chief

@Kimsfirst if he were cool, he wouldn't have a cell phone on his belt!

— Michael Tibbetts (@TibbettsMichael) April 28, 2012

@Kimsfirst Cool? Not really the word I'd use. U'd think as often as he's been on the course the last 3.5 yrs, he'd be better. #chodebama

— Saxx Skwerl (@SaxxSkwerl) April 28, 2012

@Kimsfirst POTUS doesn't need a cell on his belt. Couldn't the guy with the nuclear football hang on to the phone too. "Hey Prez, its 4 U"

— Val Bianco (@valbianco) April 28, 2012

@Kimsfirst Last thing we need these days is 'cool'. #nobama

— Ed from the Bronx (@oracle_ed) April 28, 2012

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