Tim McCarver: More home runs hit today because of climate change

FOX Sports baseball analyst Tim McCarver has a theory about why there are more home runs hit today than in previous years. He believes it is a result of climate change. He made his theory known on today’s broadcast of the Brewers/Cardinals game. An onslaught of criticism ensued.

Tim McCarver just blamed global warming (and thinner air) for an increased # of #MLB home runs in past 50 years #WTF?

— Morgan Jackson (@BioInFocus) April 28, 2012

@Matt_Filippi ur telling me tim mccarver isn't a reliable source on climate change

— Matthew Guilder (@Matt_Guilder) April 28, 2012

Im appalled that Tim McCarver blames climate change for the increased amount of home runs #Lostallhope

— Justin Some (@JustinSome) April 28, 2012

Tim #McCarver will be giving a Powerpoint on "Global Climate Change Baseball Theory" at Cooperstown this Thursday at 5pm #MLB #what

— Nicholas Bohac (@nicholasbohac) April 28, 2012

Tim mccarver, a former catcher and now apparently a self-taught physicist, says balls fly more due to climate change – thinner air. Idiot.

— Beau Sharbrough (@beausharbrough) April 28, 2012

Tim McCarver blames climate change for increased HRs in MLB. Let the jokes fly freely, Twitter. Don't let me down.

— Dave Kaufman (@TheKaufmanShow) April 28, 2012

RT @lhd_on_sports: Did Tim McCarver just blame the boom in home runs to climate change?

— longhorndave (@longhorndave) April 28, 2012

Tim McCarver just said climate change is why there are more home runs now than 50 years ago.

— Greg Akers (@GregAkers) April 28, 2012

Is Tim McCarver seriously putting out the theory that climate change is responsible for baseballs traveling further? #MLB

— Nicholas Bohac (@nicholasbohac) April 28, 2012

Tim McCarver blaming climate change on the increase in HRs isn't even the dumbest thing I've heard today.

— Jordy McKever (@itsjordylive) April 28, 2012

Climate change has caused thinner air resulting in more home runs. That according to well known climate scientist . . . Tim McCarver?

— Matt Thompson (@MattyT_6) April 28, 2012



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