Rap battle of the day: Canibus chokes, pulls out notepad in duel with Dizaster

Seriously, after watching that footage of Canibus, as a Hip-Hop fan felt sorry for the brother. He looked like he needed the long couch.

— LEFT (@LeftSentThis) June 10, 2012

R.I.P Boxing & Canibus as a battle rapper

— ya Doot (@LuckyovLegends) June 10, 2012

While sports fans were shaking their heads tonight over the Pacquiao-Bradley debacle, rap fans were shaking their heads over another showdown-gone-bad.

Rappers Canibus and Dizaster duked it out in a “battle royale.” It didn’t go well for Canibus, from what we gather on Twitter. Yeesh:

Video: Canibus Chokes In Battle Against Dizaster & Pulls Out Notepad http://t.co/p0Lws2tr

— Xclusives Zone (@XclusivesZone) June 10, 2012

Canibus is the Jose Canseco of Hip Hop

— Justin Ivey (@JustinIveyKN) June 10, 2012

Dizaster tweeted about his opponent’s meltdown:

canibus gave me his notepad!!! he said he wanted me to have it http://t.co/HqpWGm8c

— DIZASTER (@MRDIZASTER) June 10, 2012


— DIZASTER (@MRDIZASTER) June 10, 2012

cant beleive what just happened….what a night…..

— DIZASTER (@MRDIZASTER) June 10, 2012

Dude Canibus literally pulled out a notebook. This is SO painful. Worst battle performance ever.

— MAC LETHAL (@MacLethal) June 10, 2012

I dont even kno what to say about Dizaster vs Canibus but that was 1 of the longest lasting embarassing moments I've ever witnessed…

— Okwerdz (@okwerdz) June 10, 2012

Watch, if you can bear (or comprehend) it:

Summing up a bad day:

Canibus brought a notepad to a battle, Celtics choked, Pacman got robbed….yeah today was trash. Totally.

— A.C. SlayedHer (@HBKBrandon) June 10, 2012

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