Glenn Beck passes on WWE’s invitation: he’s busy washing his hair

As Twitchy reported earlier, the WWE extended an invitation to Glenn Beck to appear on “Monday Night Raw” to address the controversy over the WWE’s “Tea Party” characters. Unfortunately, Mr. Beck will be unable to attend due to, ahem, other commitments. How could he resist an invitation like this?

C’mon @stuontheblaze! There’s plenty of room for you and Pat Gray on #Raw too! Didn’t you used to wrestle as “The Cheesesteak Crusher?”

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) February 22, 2013

Glenn Beck was offered five UNEDITED minutes on WWE RAW to call them out on their controversial angle yet he declined. Tsk tsk.

— Alex Lynch (@TheAlexLynch97) February 23, 2013

I would love to see this happen. Glenn Beck lives in Dallas. @wwe formally invites @glennbeck to appear on Raw…

— Joey Styles (@JoeyStyles) February 22, 2013

@joeystyles I’m sure @glennbeck can be convinced to appear if @wwe donates to Mercury One, Glenn’s non-profit organization

— Joe Brooks (@joebrooks) February 22, 2013

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