Oh, the humanity: Nancy Pelosi dancing at Barney Frank’s wedding

Oh, he was serious; about the dancing part, at least. All too serious.

Twitter users delight in mocking former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her oh-so-smooth moves as she cuts a rug … or something … at Barney Frank’s wedding.

Who wears a pantsuit to a wedding? Nancy Pelosi, that's who. RECOGNIZE. http://t.co/XhQHDDP9

— Jane Roh (@Jane_Roh) July 10, 2012

Wait, Barney Frank likes ZZ Top? RT @BuzzFeedBen: Nancy Pelosi Dancing http://t.co/roAor999 via @buzzfeed

— Drew Cline (@DrewHampshire) July 10, 2012

Calling for H.R. expressing sense of House regarding white people dancing… RT @BuzzFeedAndrew Nancy Pelosi dancing. http://t.co/05ZfdPk9

— Bridget Johnson (@Bridget_PJM) July 10, 2012

I've got the moves like Nancy, I've got the moves like Nancy http://t.co/FeY0hFkV

— Michael Roston (@michaelroston) July 10, 2012

I'm too scared to watch Pelosi dancing to anything…

— Roger Freeman (@JRoger777) July 10, 2012

I refuse to have that image burned into my brain #NoClickForYou RT @BuzzFeed RT @BuzzFeedBen: Nancy Pelosi Dancing http://t.co/HOd7xjJ6

— Stephen Gutowski (@StephenGutowski) July 10, 2012

Click it. Click it! We’ll save you the trouble; the video is below. Misery, and mocking, loves company!

pretty graceful. not. RT @buzzfeed: RT @BuzzFeedBen: Nancy Pelosi Dancing http://t.co/fVrFIKWG

— Ginnie Skinner (@papergirrl) July 10, 2012

Wow. “Seinfeld’s” Elaine Benes has nothing on Nancy Pelosi!

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