Juan Williams defends exercise involving stomping ‘Jesus’

On tonight’s “O’Reilly Factor,” Juan Williams not only managed to say with a straight face that today’s colleges aren’t necessarily liberal; he also defended a class activity in which students wrote “Jesus” on sheets of paper, placed them on the floor and stomped on them as an exercise to inspire “critical thinking.” The exercise was part of a class taught by Florida Atlantic University’ s Deandre Poole, a Democrat activist.

So, J. Williams claims the exercise of students stomping on word Jesus was to Inspire critical thinking? Is he feeling ok spewing this crap?

— Ulrike(@bingbing3e21) March 26, 2013

A pinhead professor forced his students to write Jesus on a piece of paper and stomp on it.Juan Williams thinks it helps critical thinking

— Jake Roberts (@sinatrafan28) March 26, 2013

lol only Juan Williams would claim colleges aren’t liberal and stomping on Jesus’ name is “criitical thinking” #Tcot

— NRightA (@NRightA) March 26, 2013


— Melody Fletcher (@jaxnmelody) March 26, 2013

#JuanWilliams *MUTE* !!!!I challenge you to write Mohammed on a sheet of paper, put on the floor and stamp on it.I dare you!#OReilly

— Stellasasha (@Stellasasha1) March 26, 2013

Williams’ defense of the class exercise inspired a few former admirers to exercise some critical thinking of their own.

@thejuanwilliams Juan Williams, u have become a patsy for Leftwing Nuts. I used to like you. Ur take on the Stomping on Jesus issue was “it”

— Donny Kees (@donnykees) March 26, 2013

@thequestman Some time long ago I thought Juan Williams was a pretty alright guy No More he’s gone off the deep end towards the Ultra Libs

— Karen Binder (@klbinder) March 26, 2013

I used to look forward to hearing Juan Williams opinion.He has evolved into such a left wing tool these days, it’s very disappointing.

— Christine M Arnold (@mytheo1) March 26, 2013

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