Kelly crushes IRS victim-blaming Rep. McDermott; He sneers, screams ‘stop it!’

Good call! Yes, she did.

As Twitchy reported, Democrat Rep. McDermott blamed the IRS-targeted victims during Tuesday’s hearing. They totally had it coming, you see.

Watch the fierce and awesome Megyn Kelly destroy the creep known as Rep. McDermott:!/Mikasa22USA/status/342329860728950785

No, she didn’t. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly refused to let him get away with his vile victim-blaming, no matter how hard he tried to backpedal.

So, what did he do next? Exposed his jackassery further and sneered in contempt at Ms. Kelly.!/VBW1/status/342332257958244355

That’s right: War on women, much?!/GOPfashionista/status/342329543513763840

Then he tried to pat her on her “purty little head.”

Silly Megyn! You are just a girl and stuff.


Twitter users loved the epic exchange and heaped praise on the fantastic Megyn Kelly.!/dgoblue22/status/342333552626630657!/GOPfashionista/status/342330800588591105

One can dream!

That they do. They can’t help exposing themselves over and over.

Amen. Fight like a girl? You betcha!


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