Australian Comedian Willingly Goes Through The Worst Pain Known To Man… Just Because.

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During the season finale of the Australian comedy show Hamish And Andy’s Gap Year, comedian Hamish decided it was a great idea to experience an Amazon tribes coming-of-age ritual: Putting his hands into gloves lined with hundreds of Bullet Ants on the inside.

The toxins released by the Bullet Ants as they sting his hands has been called the worst pain a human is capable of experiencing, with their sting being the highest on The Schmidt Sting Pain Index.

Watch as poor Hamish dances through the excruciating pain below:

(Source: Hamish & Andy)

The 32-year-old comedian also posted this photo below on Instagram of his severely swollen hand, taken 24 hours after his painful ant encounter.

After seeing that I can say one thing with complete certainty; I’m not ever going to do this.

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