Man Got Arrested For Illegally Filming This Footage Of Beijing With A Drone.

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It’s easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission” is probably what videographer Trey Ratcliff was thinking when he shot this incredible footage of Beijing using a quadcopter and a Go-Pro video camera, footage that ended up getting him detained by police.

After he flew the camera drone too close to the famous Forbidden City and landed next to the headquarters of what is basically China’s version of the NSA, he was approached by police and briefly detained as they inspected his equipment and footage. In the end he was set free with all his equipment, which is lucky for us, because otherwise we wouldn’t get to see this stunning video he entitled “Beijing From Above”.

(Source: Trey Ratcliff)

You can read all about Trey’s encounter with the Chinese police in his very entertaining blog post here. This is the kind of rare footage everyone should see. There is a hidden world within China, one that most people never get to experience.

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