Outrageous: Newseum honors purported Hamas operatives in Journalists Memorial; Update: Newseum reverses decision

Editor’s note: The Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper broke this story yesterday.


Every year in its Journalists Memorial, the Newseum honors journalists slain in the field. But its decision to include Hussam Salama and Mahmoud Al-Kumi in this year’s memorial is drawing heavy criticism. The two worked as journalists for Al-Aqsa TV, which is affiliated with terrorist group Hamas, and were reportedly Hamas operatives.

More from Philip Klein:

In 2010, Al-Aqsa was designated by the U.S. Department of Treasury as a terrorist group, because it was “financed and controlled” by Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. According to the Treasury press release, “Al-Aqsa is a primary Hamas media outlet and airs programs and music videos designed to recruit children to become Hamas armed fighters and suicide bombers upon reaching adulthood.”

Yet the Newseum is choosing to lump the likes of Salama and Al-Kumi in with previous honoree Daniel Pearl, kidnapped and murdered by al Qaida in 2002? What does it say about the Newseum’s integrity?

The Newseum tells me it will still honor two Hamas terrorists who they consider journalists bc Newseum has integrity goo.gl/J9BGc

— Adam Kredo (@Kredo0) May 10, 2013

About its regard for genuinely brave men and women killed in their pursuit of the truth, as opposed to flacks helping to promote a cowardly, murderous agenda?

Newseum: Hamas terrorists “were cameramen in a car clearly marked TV” IDF: No. They were terrorists, and were killed goo.gl/J9BGc

— Adam Kredo (@Kredo0) May 10, 2013

What kind of people is the Newseum really honoring?

New post: “This is what the Newseum considers this a legitimate news channel” bit.ly/10gfm44

— Philip Klein (@philipaklein) May 10, 2013

Maybe @newseum hasn’t seen Al-Asqa TV. Here is who you are honoring:“Killing Jews Is Worship” 11-8-12youtube.com/watch?feature=…

— Josh Block (@JoshBlockDC) May 10, 2013

Or this from US Designated Terrorists @newseum is honoring: #Hamas Preacher: Death to the Jews & to America youtube.com/watch?feature=…

— Josh Block (@JoshBlockDC) May 10, 2013

Maybe @newseum Honoree filmed this HAMAS TV interview: Suicide Bombing Mastermind “I Hoped 4 Larger Toll” youtube.com/watch?feature=… #Israel

— Josh Block (@JoshBlockDC) May 10, 2013

It’s sickening.

@newseum Why are you honoring two members of Al-Aqsa TV which the U.S. gov’t has declare to be a terrorist organization? Have you no shame?

— Profweb (@profweb) May 10, 2013

Putting ‘TV’ on your car doesnt make u a reporter @newseum HAMAS is a US designated terrorist org.

— David(@CygnusA81) May 10, 2013

@newseum why are you honoring terrorists?!??!. Well, at least that’s one less visit to make next time im in DC. #stophate

— Ben Myers (@benmyers19) May 10, 2013

Another tourist sit OFF my list, .@newseum. I don’t do business w/ ppl or organizations who honorterrorists. #PJNET #tcot #tourism

— Ann(@Evilpa) May 10, 2013

Maybe Anwar Al-Awlaki should have called himself a reporter, not a preacher, so @newseum could have honored him, too.

— Josh Block (@JoshBlockDC) May 10, 2013

Several Twitterers pointed out that this decision puts actual reporters in danger:

When terrorists label their cars with “TV” they endanger the lives of real journalists. @newseum is putting real journalists in danger.

— CiF Watch (@CiFWatch) May 10, 2013

How the Newseum puts journalists everywhere at risk by honoring terrorists: ow.ly/kUuNc

— Seth Mandel (@SethAMandel) May 10, 2013

By calling Terrorists working for a US designated Terrorist entity “Journalists” @newseum is endangering REAL reporters.

— Josh Block (@JoshBlockDC) May 10, 2013

Here’s the really rankling and actually quite dangerous thing about the Newseum’s decision:

— Armin Rosen (@ArminRosen) May 10, 2013

Let’s assume that Israeli intel knows more about this guy than CPJ, @max_fisher, etc. Isn’t the Newseum just endangering real journalists?

— Armin Rosen (@ArminRosen) May 10, 2013

Shamala behaved in a way that makes ALL journalists unsafe, everywhere in the world. And the Newseum is honoring him for it.

— Armin Rosen (@ArminRosen) May 10, 2013

Shame on the Newseum.

It seems like a critical mistake mixing operatives of a recognized terrorist org, Al Aqsa TV, as journalists. We hope @newseum reconsiders.

— Embassy of Israel (@IsraelinUSA) May 10, 2013



The Newseum has reversed its decision to honor Hussam Salama and Mahmoud Al-Kumi:

Newseum Reverses Decision To Honor Hamas-Linked Journalists Following Pressure: huff.to/100vJCy

— Michael Calderone (@mlcalderone) May 13, 2013

Via HuffPo:

“Serious questions have been raised as to whether two of the individuals included on our initial list of journalists who died covering the news this past year were truly journalists or whether they were engaged in terrorist activities,” a Newseum spokesman said in a statement.

‘We take the concerns raised about these two men seriously and have decided to re-evaluate their inclusion as journalists on our memorial wall pending further investigation,” the spokesman said.

A step in the right direction.

Statement // We appreciate @newseum‘s decision to reconsider the inclusion of members of Hamas, a terror org … facebook.com/IsraelinUSA/po…

— Embassy of Israel (@IsraelinUSA) May 13, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 8.39.40 AM


The Emergency Committee for Israel commends the Newseum for acknowledging the distinction between journalists and terrorists.

— Committee For Israel (@CmteForIsrael) May 13, 2013

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