ICYMI: Blake Griffin destroys Pau Gasol, twice

Yes, this REALLY happened last night:

its nice to wake up and not be Pau Gasol today: http://t.co/9HOW0cDj + http://t.co/ToetWAb3

— Ben Lerer (@BenjLerer) April 5, 2012

Not once:

But twice:

So nasty. RT @jose3030 PIC: Blake Griffin Over Pau Gasol http://t.co/6FHwCUhz

— Solace, The Writer ™ (@SolaceTheWriter) April 5, 2012

Poor Pau Gasol….another victim of Blake Griffin and social media. Stuff is like wildfire. #blakeoverrated

— Julian Guedes (@Dale_its_Julian) April 5, 2012

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