Anti-cop agitators run amok in Chicago; Occupiers claim protester ‘mowed down’ by police van, but videos cast doubt; Update: Protester reportedly hospitalized and arrested

Occupy Wall Street protesters are demonstrating on the streets of Chicago on the eve of the NATO summit. OWS protesters are claiming that a Chicago Police Department van rammed into a crowd, injuring a protester.

Peaceful protesters mowed down by a police van. Pure fucking evil. #policeviolence

— Sofie aka Anomie (@sofieloizou) May 20, 2012

RT @CarrieM213 I was just marching with a contingent of #OWS friends. A CPD VAN DROVE THROUGH US!!!! #noNATO

— Patrick deHahn (@patrickdehahn) May 20, 2012


— Eagles2001 (@Eagles2001) May 20, 2012

#OWS peeps and others are soft-locking around the injured comrade and the street medics to create space. #noNATO

— Carrie M (@CarrieM213) May 20, 2012

This protester claims he was so close to the action that his phone and computer were damaged by the police van:

Cops just ran over a man in a van. Tried to run over another protestor who sat in front of the van while it was stationary. #OCHI

— Minister Flashes (@Federal_flashes) May 20, 2012

I was close enough to see it all. Close enough that the cord i was using to charge my phone With now has a short in it from being hit.

— Minister Flashes (@Federal_flashes) May 20, 2012

My computer keys have a permanent dent in them from the van running people over.

— Minister Flashes (@Federal_flashes) May 20, 2012

This photo is making the rounds. It looks like a horrible high-impact hit:

But take a look at video of the incident. The title of the video, “Cop van pushes protester in Chicago,” is apt. It appears that the protester in the video deliberately inserted himself in front of the van. He tried–but failed–to impede the movement of the van.  The van pushed the protester backwards as it moved forward. The protester then walked away after his failed attempt, apparently without a scratch. We hope this is not the man whom protesters claim was “mowed down.”

Here’s a second video of the same incident taken from another angle. This video shows several protesters gathering in front of the van, attempting to block it from moving. It later shows a crowd of Occupiers surrounding the injured protester, who appears to be on the ground.

And here’s a third video.

(Related: Occupiers jumped in front of a moving vehicle at a Washington DC protest last fall.)

The protestor who was allegedly injured tonight has been identified by several OWS protesters as Jack Amico:

Man named Jack Amico, aka MAYHEM in #OWS, run over by police van #6751 @occupied_air @timcast @OccupyChicago @OccupyLosAngeles #nonato #nato

— TaliSeen Combs (@TaliSeen) May 20, 2012

@jduncan04 @BelleofLiberty Actually it was a man – Jack Amico of NYC

— Bill (@DefendWallSt) May 20, 2012

Amico was photographed earlier this year at a Washington DC protest:

OWS observer @Nickrama1 warns against jumping to conclusions about what has occurred tonight:

@dangainor again we don't know that person was hit by police vehicle. They repeatedly lie. Reportedly.

— Wolverine (@Nickarama1) May 20, 2012

Fox News contributor Jonathan Hoenig witnessed the incident:

MT @DLoesch: About that "OWS protester 'hit' by van" narrative // I saw it: #OWS mob in middle of street, banging on police van w/sirens on

— Jonathan Hoenig (@JonathanHoenig) May 20, 2012

Update, 12:06 am eastern: According to one Occupier on the ground, the police presence in Chicago is increasing:

Police showing up much more heavily now, numbers growing #FTP #NONATO #OWS #OO #OSF #OLA ( @trwbs live at

— Courtney Harrop (@CourtneyPFB) May 20, 2012

Update, 12:16 pm eastern: According to several Twitter users, the injured protester, Jack Amico, has been arrested and is not critically injured:

Jack under arrest in hospital, not in critical condition, no one allowed to see him, charges unknown (live at

— Courtney Harrop (@CourtneyPFB) May 20, 2012!/Puttcarp/status/204059479854170112

Update, 12:30 pm eastern: FWIW, another Chicago OWS protester claims he was arrested after being brutally beaten earlier this evening:!/PhilipDeVon1/status/204013317604380672

Update, 12:43 pm eastern: Some occupiers are finally going home for the night. All in a day’s chaos-creating work!

Marchers are dissolving for the night, it seems. A serious thank you to every soul on the street at #noNATO #OChi #Chicago #StraightupHeroes

— Ol' GDB♤KillJoy (@GoddamnedBear) May 20, 2012

Some cops are heading home, too:

It's quitting time. Chicago's finest get back on their buses and leave Wacker and Michigan #NoNATO

— Jeff Rae (@jeffrae) May 20, 2012

Other Occupiers are standing outside Northwestern Hospital, where Jack Amico has reportedly been admitted:

We're live at the hospital Jack still inside hospital #OWS #Ochi

— Occupied Air (@Occupied_Air) May 20, 2012

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