Colmes urges sympathy for Tsarnaevs’ anti-American, ‘grieving mother’ [video]

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva believes her sons were “set up” to take the blame for last week’s deadly Boston Marathon bombing. She’s also made no secret of her hatred of America. But to Alan Colmes, she couldn’t be a more tragic figure.

Alan Colmes feels sorry for her terrorist murdering sons. Get a grip Alan!!

— Renette CBee(@CherylRenetteBa) April 26, 2013

How sweet that Alan Colmes is on Fox defending the mother of the Boston Bombers “I’m not going to beat up on a grieving mother”WTF?

— JPeterman (@PragueArtist) April 26, 2013

@alancolmes defends mother of terrorists who is defending her terrorist sons. We’re all in terrible grief dude.

— KRenner (@KRenner2) April 26, 2013

Man @alancolmes sure is sympathetic to the terrorist mother. Awfully rude too.

— concerned citizen (@ccitizen21) April 26, 2013

Ha. Leave it to @alancolmes to sympathize with terrorists. No one is ever responsible if you’re a progressive. @megynkelly

— Sheryl (@sav01) April 26, 2013

He’s just “not gonna beat up on a grieving mother”:

Colmes attempted to defend his position:

Yes, the mother is in denial and grief@d_r_berry: @alancolmes makes me sick. We’re beating up on a grieving mother? #tcot

— Alan Colmes (@AlanColmes) April 26, 2013

.@notalemming @alexaporterwiyeah mothers tend to love theirs sons and don’t like to see them dead-have hard time believing they’d do wrong

— Alan Colmes (@AlanColmes) April 26, 2013

But he wasn’t very convincing:

Honestly, @alancolmes , YOU’re the one who’s in denial! No one wants to “beat up” ona grieving mother. You are confusing grief with hate.

— Katherine Cudney (@kbcudney) April 26, 2013

Alan Colmes…your grieving Mother can’t even conjure up any tears, in her grief-stricken rants. #AmericaLive #tcot

— Roderick Rideout (@rodrideout) April 26, 2013

Maybe.@alancolmes can send Ms.Jihad some flowers and a sympathy card 4 her visit, give her some airtime 2 spread the word of Islam

— Hussein Obama II (@IranAware) April 26, 2013

@alancolmes Are you kidding?That “mother” is not grieving! She thinks her son martyred himself & this is her spewing propaganda against U.S.

— Dena Berry (@D_R_Berry) April 26, 2013

Alan Colmes has been duped by the terrorists mother. She wasn’t fooling me w/ all the arm waving and yelling. She was on the watch list too.

— Bart Bartlett (@BartBuzz) April 26, 2013

Yep. She was also reportedly added to a terror watch list in October 2011.

Seriously? Alan Colmes isn’t going 2 say anything abt the terrorist bombers’ mother blaming America? Says she’s grieving. He makes me sick.

— Melissia (A) (@ProudoftheUSA) April 26, 2013

Alan Colmes is a disgrace. Defending the Mother of the Islamic terrorists??Are you kidding me?

— Hannah Kessler (@HotInfidel74) April 26, 2013

@megynkelly Alan Colmes has more sympathy for bomber’s Mom than any Liberal had for Nancy Lanza

— Luis Gonzalez (@DarkdrakeBlue) April 26, 2013

Notice @alancolmes doesn’t express sympathy for #Boston victims, especially the 8 year old little boy…no, he sympathizes with terrorists.

— Sheryl (@sav01) April 26, 2013

What about the victims, Alan? Where’s your sympathy for them?

@megynkelly Alan Colmes “values” are very disturbing.A “grieving mother?” Insult is being added to injury.

— Gary (@digitalqikpic) April 26, 2013

Does Alan Colmes wake up every morning and say to himself ‘how can I hate America more today than yesterday?’

— Joliet Jack (@jackhauman) April 26, 2013

@alancolmes @megynkelly @foxnews you’re pond scum for defending the bombers mother, pure unadulterated pond scum

— JPeterman (@PragueArtist) April 26, 2013

Alan Colmes is a fool, on with Megyn Kelly he expresses sympathy for the mother of Boston bombers, as she blames America. Unreal.

— chris moore (@cmoore55lbi) April 26, 2013

@megynkelly @alancolmes Hey Alan would you still feel sorry for the MOm if one of your family members was killed or mutilated?

— Walt (@Battleborne) April 26, 2013

.@alancolmes on @megynkelly‘s show defending bombers’ mom because she lost her kids. Also, the poor guy who killed his wife is now a widow.

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) April 26, 2013

Hey @alancolmes, stuff it. Many of us are sick to death of progressives like you. That’s where I draw my line. @megynkelly

— Sheryl (@sav01) April 26, 2013

Dear Alan Colmes: Just STFU! Like now! Sincerely,Everyone

— J Craig (@conservJ) April 26, 2013



More on Tsarnaeva and the terror watch list:

JUST IN: A US intelligence official confirms that Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s mother Zubeidat was added to the terror watch list in Oct. 2011.

— ABC World News (@ABCWorldNews) April 26, 2013

#JihadMom ==>MT @abc: US intel official: At CIA request Tsarnaev mother added to terror watchlist same time son added in 2011

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) April 26, 2013

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