Ricky Williams believes concussions are a myth



Former NFL running back and well-known pothead Ricky Williams is speaking out against the NFL’s concussion controversy. The former first round draft pick is claiming all of the scientific research is completely wrong and that there’s absolutely no link between football and concussions.

Twitter decided to chime in on the issue and remind Ricky Williams to lay down the blunt.



Ricky Williams doesn't have to worry about concussions from his NFL career, he was already born mentally ill.

— STEVE O'LUTION (@SWetzelND) May 15, 2012

ricky williams is starting to look like a fool on dan le batard show. completely shunning science, embracing alternative methods. wow.

— JT (@jaketurner) May 15, 2012

Ricky Williams u cant be kiddin me ur answers show tht football brains get all messed up #DLHQ

— GODDBODYY(Z) (@zknothead) May 15, 2012

My boy Ricky Williams is plum dumb!!! #DLHQ

— TUGnifficient (@MYKTuggle) May 15, 2012

Does Ricky Williams realize that you can't give your brain a deep tissue massage.

— Curve Herbstreit (@jaythesportsguy) May 15, 2012

anybody just watch that interview with ricky williams? #wtf concussion definitely got to him

— Daniel-San (@Bromero20) May 15, 2012


Is Ricky Williams REALLY that weird of a guy though? The following tweeter brings up a great point.

Ricky Williams is not weird…. He was just baked

— Tom Hall (@tombombdottcom) May 15, 2012

Now that makes much more sense!

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