Man On A Cycling Tour Gets Robbed At Gunpoint And It’s All Caught On Tape.

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This is some scary stuff amigo!

While on a cycling tour of Buenos Aires in Argentina, Youtube user Mike Graziano got robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight when a thief attempted to steal his backpack which was holding a lot of expensive camera gear.

The thief, who was riding a motorcycle, came up to him on a cycling path and tried to stop him. At first Mike had no idea what was going on and just kept on cycling, but moments later the thief caught up with him again and that’s when he pulled out a pistol and started demanding his backpack.

Mike happened to be recording at the time with his GoPro camera attached to his forehead. Watch how it all unfolded in this amazing piece of footage below:

(Source: Mike Graziano)

This happened in a very rough neighborhood of Buenos Aires called La Boca. Mike says that he was told two days later by the guys running the bike tour that the thief in the video had been arrested.

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