A Hungry Chameleon Got In A Very Sticky Situation. Thankfully, He Had Help.

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Sometimes you have to laugh at the little things. What would life be like without having a sense of humor? (More importantly, who would want to be near you?)

That’s why when these workers were loading 400 lbs. of olives into a crate, and saw a hungry little chameleon stuck inside trying to get out, they did the right thing… and laughed. Thankfully, after a few chuckles they set this little guy free:

(via The Dodo)

After the little guy was freed from the crate, he was just fine. Maybe he was a little embarrassed… Most importantly, though, we’re glad that they didn’t allow him to get crushed. Perhaps we’re even happier that they had a sense of humor about it when saving the poor thing!

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