Audio: Brian McKnight wants to ‘show you how your pussy works’!/GOringerZak/status/194789112757239808

It looks like Brian McKnight has either hit a new career low OR he’s trying to commit career suicide. His new single is very pornographic as he sings, “Let me show you how your pussy works.”

OK so Brian McKnight is clearly going through a midlife crisis..can't be anything else

— Jasmine Maddox (@Luv_TAYnTY) April 24, 2012

Brian McKnight… It's one of those moments where an idea sounds good in your head.. But not so good on paper, or even a video

— Kim (@kim_m_thompson) April 24, 2012

Sooooo Brian McKnight wants to show you ladies how your pussy works, any takers?

— Artemus Jenkins (@artemusjenkins) April 24, 2012

Brian McKnight [sitting in an armchair, holding a cat thats wearing a hard hat & carrying a toolbox]: "Let me show you how your pussy works"

— Clay (@ClaytonDeth) April 24, 2012

The Brian McKnight joint is a satirical joke against the current state of R&B. If you can't see that, you're an idiot.

— Mikki, man. (@OhMikkiUSoFine) April 24, 2012

That Brian McKnight song is stuck in my head now!!! Lool

— Dready (@OfficialDready) April 24, 2012

the beat on that brian mcknight track is wack… but if chris brown sang that sh.t it would be dope Lol

— ✌ The 23 ✌ (@The23_) April 24, 2012

Regarding Brian McKnight, how else he supposed to get y'all attention while y'all listening to I Beat The P*ssy Up? lol

— Talib Kweli Greene (@TalibKweli) April 24, 2012

We certainly hope Mr. McKnight is just playing a joke on us, but these days you never know! Unfortunately for society, we could see this being a hit song…

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