I Cannot Believe The Transformation This Once Frightened Puppy Experienced.

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Not that long ago, a frightened puppy was moments away from euthanasia when some kind people rescued him. They named him Yumenosuke. His new owners helped him transform into a brand new animal. He was once a fearful dog who would urinate when he became scared. But now? He is almost unrecognizable.

His journey from a fearful puppy to a hero rescue dog is one you need to see.

Yumenosuke being picked up at the pound at the 11th hour.

Things did not look good for him at first.

But thanks to the love and training of his owner, he was able to become a hero himself.

Yumenosuke to the rescue!

Does that look like the kind of dog who would wet themselves out of fear? I didn’t think so.

For more on Yumenosuke’s journey from rescued dog to rescue dog, watch this video.

(via rocketnews24)

What Yumenosuke accomplished is amazing, but  it wouldn’t have been possible without his owners. It’s imporant to remember that. Perhaps you can help another person or dog become their own Yumenosuke.

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