Harry Reid: We’ve cut spending, GOP needs to get ‘serious’ about fiscal cliff

Yesterday, when questioned about the Democrats’ strategy for dealing with the fiscal cliff, Harry Reid whined to reporters that the Senate Democrats had already cut $1 billion and, gosh-darn it, they deserve a little credit!

$1 billion? Someone get that man a medal! Stat!

Reid’s delusions continued today, when he insisted that it’s Republicans who are stonewalling the Democrats’ efforts to solve the fiscal crisis. According to him, Democrats have been waiting endlessly for the GOP to submit “serious” ideas:

Harry Reid: Republicans know where we stand… We’re still waiting for a serious offer from the Republicans

— Michael McAuliff (@mmcauliff) November 29, 2012


— Michael Hewson (@michaelhewson) November 29, 2012

Oh, puh-leeze. This from the leader of a Senate that hasn’t passed a budget since April 29, 2009. Conservatives know Reid is utterly full of it, and they’re calling him out on his B.S.:

Harry Reid says “it’s been weeks and we need a decision” Hey Harry, it’s been 4 YEARS since you brought a budget to the floor!!#AssHat

— Alan New (@Gunner1842) November 29, 2012

ROFLMAO. #Oasshat RT @jamiedupree: AND NOW FOR ANOTHER VIEW: Sen Harry Reid D-NV says Repubs need to be serious about fiscal cliff details

— SouthernFried_Mama (@New0rleans_Lady) November 29, 2012

@cnbc we are waiting for a serious offer from the democrats. Harry Reid not a serious democrat. He made fool of himself during election

— John Kealing (@irishroadman) November 29, 2012

Harry Reid says they are “not going to kick the can down the road.” I’m off to invest in can-kicking shoe manufacturers.

— Paul Campbell (@paul_m_campbell) November 29, 2012

So tired of the perfidy of Harry Reid! The best libs can do is lie. So very sad-not one shred of integrity in the D party..not one shred!

— Donna Lasater (@glasater55) November 29, 2012

Senator Reid sez this is no time for delay, after preventing a budget for over 3 years. Frank Rich has no comment. #Dim0cratz

— Harry Bergeron (@Harry_Bergeron) November 29, 2012

Harry Reid says that the Republicans are holding him hostage. I haven’t seen Reid’s picture on any milk cartons.

— Grumpy Old Man (@Jed370761) November 29, 2012




Harry’s on a roll today:

Harry Reid doesn’t understand Boehner’s brain, says no ill will toward Romney

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