‘A learning moment': Ga. Rep. Hank Johnson apologizes for ‘midget’-mongering

Last night during a speech condemning Michigan’s new right-to-work legislation, the Democratic capsizing-island-phobe used a rather colorful metaphor to illustrate his point. The fight between the Michigan GOP and Big Labor was like an unfair cage match between a giant and … a midget. Needless to say, the “m-word” didn’t go over terribly well in politically correct circles, and Johnson apologized today in what can only be described as a beautiful trainwreck of a floor speech. Behold:

A true statesman, ladies and gents. And Twitterers had a field day with him:

Sounds like a headline from the Onion MT @ajc: Ga Rep Hank Johnson apologizes for alleging 30 midgets could possibly defeat a giant.

— Bert Brantley (@bertbrantley) December 13, 2012

@youtube How, in the name of GOD, does an #absolute #idiot like Hank ‘the Island’ Johnson get elected to the Congress of the United States??

— David (@cupsdaddy) December 13, 2012

Hank Johnson may have a midget sized brain. bit.ly/UdtG81

— Bill Murphy (@billmurphy) December 13, 2012

More little people would keep Guam from tipping over. RT @billmurphy: Hank Johnson may have a midget sized brain. bit.ly/UdtG81

— Jay to the (D)izzay (@jdonels) December 13, 2012

I wonder if Rep. Hank Johnson accidentally caused an “abnormally small” person to tip over and capsize. #mword

— Matt Cover (@MattCover) December 13, 2012

Hank Johnson forswears the word ‘midget’>Maybe the other “m-word” is more appropriate. MORON! Who brings this idiot to work? #tcot

— Old Mac (@SPADOC) December 13, 2012

Cannot say “midget” on the floor of the House. Instead, please use “half-people,” “gremlins,” “dog jockeys,” or “compressed minorities.”

— Drew White (@MetricButtload) December 13, 2012

When things look bad and the possibility of disappointment sets in, the Dems come thru. Thanks Hank Johnson for your uplifting wisdom.

— Cast theWord (@bill_sexton) December 13, 2012

Sincerely, a grateful nation.

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