Fox News: Does detonation method suggest third marathon bomber?

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge is reporting today that the FBI has not ruled out the possibility of a third party involved in the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing. Evidence that the two bombs were detonated not by a cell phone but by parts ripped from a toy car remote control suggest that whoever triggered the explosions had to have been in the line of sight of the bombs.

Further, the instructions the Tsarnaev brothers were believed to have followed to construct the pressure cooker bombs didn’t mention the remote control method of detonation, though a search of their computers might turn up a source for that information.

@allahpundit Bomb design not in ‘Inspire’ mag = pos training by 3rd parties. Detonated not by phone: line of sight so 3rd pers not ruled out

— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) April 26, 2013

Good thing #Dzhokhar got mirandized in time. feds looking for third bomber? Embarassing to #Obama if it was an organized attack.

— Anna L. morris (@WDTnow) April 26, 2013

Could Beck be right? Fox News reporting very high possibility of a third bomber.

— George Chase (@georgeokc) April 26, 2013

FBI not ruling out a THIRD Bomber in Boston Bombing…hmmmm, Could it mean……

— gardenofthegods (@gardenofthegods) April 26, 2013

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