Party at Gutfeld’s: Fox News host offers to hold Easter #GregRoll

Earlier this month, Eric Bolling, co-host of Fox News’ “The Five,” offered to pick up the tab if the White House would reopen for public tours which were canceled (allegedly) due to sequestration cuts. Now it’s colleague Greg Gutfeld’s turn to help ease the nation’s pain.

Shocked by news that the White House has warned ticket-holders to its annual Easter egg roll that the event is subject to cancellation “due to funding uncertainty,” Gutfeld offered to sponsor his own Easter egg hunt in his apartment. Tweet the hashtag #GregRoll for an invitation.

Who’s in?

@greggutfeld Can I participate in the Egg Hunt? #gregroll

— Chris Murphy (@MurphsWords) March 19, 2013

I wanna go to the #gregroll @greggutfeld lmao

— Marisa (@Rissagirl1212) March 19, 2013

I would totally take part in #gregroll.

— moogs (@kjpopmofo) March 19, 2013

Who needs a White House Egg Roll if you can have @greggutfeld #GregRoll ? #TheFive

— Nitish Singh (@IamNitishSingh) March 19, 2013

#GregRoll sounds like an excuse that will be used in June when somebody asks why Gregs apartment smells like rotten eggs.

— MAfreedom (@MAfreedom) March 19, 2013

You did it @greggutfeld! #Gregroll is trending…

— Jasper (@JasperPerino) March 19, 2013

Hey @greggutfeld can Jasper come to the #gregroll ?

— Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) March 19, 2013

The @greggutfeld offer of a #gregroll to replace WH #eggroll is awesome. Will a jelly-bean pooping unicorn be part of the petting zoo?

— Chad Smith (@MapGeek_Chad) March 19, 2013

Afraid the @greggutfeld #gregroll will only have thong-wearing cabana boy in petting zoo & unicorns locked in “safe room” of apartment.

— Chad Smith (@MapGeek_Chad) March 19, 2013

If the WH won’t do it…Gutfeld will! @greggutfeld Easter Egg roll #gregroll

— Cathie Nelson (@CathieNelsonBTI) March 19, 2013

@greggutfeld #gregroll Can I bring my 91 yr old mom? She can’t move too fast, so she won’t get many eggs, saving you some money!

— Nathaniel Lovett (@nlovett1) March 19, 2013

Jay Carney said today that the White House egg roll will likely “proceed as planned” — which means it will include activities to “help educate families on smart ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise choices into their daily routines, which are key pillars of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative.”

The #GregRoll sounds better and better every minute.

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