Jessica Alba: United Airlines sucks!

We’ve had our difficulties with United Airlines employees (hello, blonde-haired jerk at Kona International Airport), and so have many others.

So it is not surprising that Alba’s comment was met with near-universal agreement on Twitter:!/amardipbhullar/status/195075107977310208

Heard the same from alot of ppl RT @jessicaalba: So #UnitedAirlinesSucks -never flying this airline again.

— jos (@joselinelai) April 25, 2012

@jessicaalba: So #UnitedAirlinesSucks -never flying this airline again.” soooooooo true!!!!

— Violeta T (@princessviolet) April 25, 2012

Most US airlines do, except for JetBlue and Virgin though "@jessicaalba: So #UnitedAirlinesSucks -never flying this airline again."

— Inez Syarifuddin-B. (@InezSyarifuddin) April 25, 2012


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