Shockah! Obama lapdog Chuck Todd ties NSA scandal to Bush administration

Well, who could’ve seen that coming?

This morning, Chuck Todd kicked off his “report” on the NSA surveillance scandal by invoking the name of a man who hasn’t been president in over four years.

Seriously, Chuck. Isn’t it time for some new material?


This is part of a secret surveillance — domestic surveillance — program that was first launched during the Bush administration. And in order to do this court order, the Obama administration is essentially exploiting a part of the highly controversial Patriot Act.!/imadreamkeeper2/status/342636091888766980

And, as Michelle Malkin points out, the Blame Bush Game doesn’t work here: the Obama administration has taken a Bush-era counterterrorism program and turned it into a sweeping national violation of citizens’ rights.

Time to put down your water, Chuck, and admit the truth: Big Brother is watching all of us now.

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