Ram Headbutts A Quadcopter Drone And Then Takes Its Owner Out. Rut Roh.

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It would seem we aren’t the only ones unhappy with being spied on by drones, or having our privacy invaded, rams aren’t big fans of it either.

Budd Hanz was flying a remote controlled quadcopter over his land when he spotted his ram, Rambro, enjoying some tasty foliage and decided to fly in for a closer look. The ram on the other hand was far from happy with the rude intrusion and headbutted the quadcopter, knocking it into a bush.

When Budd came to recollect his quadcopter, Rambro was still hanging around, waiting to give him an earful.

(Source: Budd Hanz)

Well that explains it, they don’t call it a ram for nothing.

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