Ezra Klein: Romney canceled an ABBA gig because the band’s music is so angry

Everyone on the planet understood that this piece by David Brooks is satire.

Everyone realized that this line — “He once canceled a corporate retreat at which Abba had been hired to play, saying he found the band’s music ‘too angry.’ ” — is a joke.

Everyone, that is, except MSNBC’s fact-challenged fact checker, Ezra Klein. On Thursday,while guest-hosting for hyper-partisan liberal Ed Schultz,  Klein reported the ABBA cancellation as fact.

A few Twitter users (the entire universe of Ed Show viewers?) noticed:

Romney's laughable, but @ezraklein saying Mitt cancelled an ABBA gig was Brooks satire reported as fact. #edshow http://t.co/sgG4jmzz

— Tim Ellis (@iamtimellis) September 14, 2012

Ezra Klein on Ed Show: Mitt Romney once cancelled an ABBA concert because he found their music too angry. WTF? #MammaMia

— Leftfielder™ (@DaleMoss2) September 14, 2012

@ezraklein We Swedes need a retraction on the ABBA comment. Abba would never perform for Bain. It never happened. http://t.co/ZjPSgrHq

— iswede (@iswede) September 14, 2012

(My Twitter's back UP) Did I hear @ezraklein right? Mitt objected to ABBA once bc their music is "too angry"?! LOL #cantevenbetrustedwmusic

— Noelma Colon (@Noe_Colon) September 14, 2012

Mitt Romney thinks #ABBA is too angry?!?! #DiscoDisorder @EzraKlein @edshow #edshow

— Leah Yarnes (@Leah1069) September 14, 2012

Klein (to his credit) admitted that an error was made, although it’s telling that he says “our” rather than “my”:

@iamtimellis Yeah, this was an idiotic mistake on our part, and we're correcting tonight

— Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) September 14, 2012

Do you think maybe he learned a lesson? Not likely. Just two days later, Klein went right back to smearing Romney.

Update: Look at this:

Since when is the highest virtue to go in front of people and wing it? I'd never host a show without researching and writing a script first

— Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) September 7, 2012


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