This Awesome Dancer Proves You Shouldn’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.

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When Whitney Way Thore was young she loved to dance. She always had a passion for music and dance, so she grew up to become a radio producer. She stopped dancing, though. Over the years, she began to gain weight. Her weight stripped away her self confidence and she was miserable.

Then, she learned she had polycystic ovarian syndrome. Her 200lb weight gain was a part of her life she didn’t want to feel ashamed of. It was time for a change. She began dancing again without shame. She calls herself fat and she wants to show her epic dance moves to the world.

Seriously, you have to see her newest routine to Jason Derulo’s latest hit. You won’t be disappointed.

(H/T: Reshareworthy)

Since she started dancing again Whitney has started the No Body Shame Campaign to encourage women to accept and love themselves no matter what size they are. She’s even created a series of dance videos (all of which are epic).

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