Video: Anti-ALEC protest draws massive(ly pathetic) crowd

We’re a-skurred. Hold us!

Ben Howe documents the massive anti-ALEC movement that’s prompted more than a dozen companies to discontinue their ALEC memberships. Wait a second … massive? Or massively pathetic?

Corporations like Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, and McDonald’s caved to the anti-free speech bullying of a handful of astroturfed activists with giant pencil props? You’d never know from the media coverage that tens of people showed up at the May 11 protest in Charlotte, N.C.

Conservatives are enjoying spreading the video around Twitter:

*** @BenHowe documents the HUGE opposition to ALEC in Charlotte… we're in trouble, folks: #AlecEXPOSED #p2

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) May 23, 2012

Armed with pencils and signs, these 15 protestors- HUGE Opposition to ALEC in Charlotte, NC:

— Nansen Malin (@nansen) May 23, 2012

Watch! We outnumber these clueless chumps. MT @caitlynkorb: Check out vid of protestors at #ALEC's spring mtg:

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 23, 2012

10s of activists protest ALEC! Good thing Coke pulled support, or they would have lost these customers via @BenHowe

— Joe C. (@MrChaudoin) May 23, 2012

One conservative is tweeting the companies targeted by the anti-ALEC mob.

@Wendys FYI here is the group trying to get U to drop #ALEC : . Did U let them Push you around?

— SJ Steve (@SJSteve1) May 23, 2012

@kraftfoods I hope you still support #ALEC and didnt get pushed around by these tools:

— SJ Steve (@SJSteve1) May 23, 2012

@JNJComm I hope you still support #ALEC and didnt get pushed arould by there tools:

— SJ Steve (@SJSteve1) May 23, 2012

@IntuitInc Did you drop #ALEC bc of this powerful group: . Arent they terrifying!!!

— SJ Steve (@SJSteve1) May 23, 2012

We think this guy deserves a whole bunch of retweets.

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