Ace of Spades HQ: Has Obama’s call to action increased giving?


Hey, remember the "I Pledge" video and all of Obama's exhortations to community service? Has any of that borne fruit?

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 15, 2014

Remember that? Liberal sycophants on parade.

DEMI MOORE: I pledge to be a servant to our president…

(Not a cult.)

Yeesh. If they weren’t all such obvious douchebags you might be tempted to feel embarrassed for them.

@AceofSpadesHQ I mean, stuffing backpacks. What more community service could you want?

— L (@INeed_ANap) September 15, 2014

KaBOOM.  ‘WTF?': THAT’S the name of the charity the Obamas ‘served’ on 9/11?

@AceofSpadesHQ If by "community service" you mean "vote Democratic in general and for Obama specifically", then mission accomplished.

— Shawn Jester (@iblamethedingos) September 15, 2014

Either Obama's call to action produced fruit or, like many of his calls to action, produced nothing but Chris Matthews erections.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 15, 2014

@AceofSpadesHQ Well, I wrote some shit on my hands with a Sharpie and Instagrammed it. Does that count?

— John Burtner (@JohnBurtner) September 15, 2014

@AceofSpadesHQ Oh, they "gave selflessly" of their time and money… to political campaigns

— E. Augesen (@Agglethegreat) September 15, 2014

@Agglethegreat yeah that is my bet as well.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 15, 2014

We should have the answer one way or the other. The fact that no one has bothered to report on this suggests, to me, that the answer is…

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 15, 2014

…rather embarrassing for Obama and for the left generally.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 15, 2014

@AceofSpadesHQ Yeah, they don't get embarrassed…

— Brenda (@beebobaby) September 15, 2014

I'm pretty sure that if the Age of Obama produced a vast new wave of giving and volunteering by the left, *the media would have told us so.*

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 15, 2014

@AceofSpadesHQ They wouldn't have shut up about it!

— Nied's Dead Horse (@mflynny) September 15, 2014

@AceofSpadesHQ I noticed a vast new wave of taking. Does that count?

— MPeper (@MPeper) September 15, 2014

@AceofSpadesHQ I think the Age of Obama did produce more volunteering; it’s just that it was for Obama’s various political campaigns.

— John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) September 15, 2014

@AceofSpadesHQ It is cynics like you on social media that is the real problem. #foreward

— Blaidd Drwg (@getgoins) September 15, 2014

The press refuses to answer a lot of obvious questions, so much so that one can use The Dog That Didn't Bark principle to answer them.

— iLoveScienceSexually (@AceofSpadesHQ) September 15, 2014

@AceofSpadesHQ Heads up: Your "dog who doesn't bark" instinct is correct. Volunteerism is down 1.4% since 2009

— Political Math (@politicalmath) September 15, 2014

People are just too busy looking for work.

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