‘Badass’ Nikki Haley test-fires guns: ‘I did it in heels’ [video, photos]

Governor Nikki Haley doesn’t just fight like a girl for South Carolina businesses; She shoots like a girl while doing so … in a dress and heels.


From Haley’s Facebook page:

We enjoyed visiting FN Manufacturing today. Michael and his unit are equipped with M4s, M240s, and M249s – firearms made right here in South Carolina! They employ 500+ people and have been a staple in our state for decades.

Haley said she got to fire several guns during her tour of FN Manufacturing. The governor called it a “good time” and “a good stress reliever.”

We call it “awesome.”

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/07/23/i-did-it-in-heels-badass-gov-nikki-haley-test-fires-guns-video-photos/

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