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For a while at least, former vice president and noted non-scientist Al Gore made quite a nice living for himself by traveling around the planet claiming that “the science was settled” when it came to global warming. Comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder takes at look at marijuana legalization in his new video, throwing a wrench in the “settled science” that marijuana, while increasingly legal, is harmless.

While Crowder does allow that there are Constitutional arguments to be made for legalizing marijuana, those he spoke with in Ann Arbor, Mich., especially the younger interviewees, chose to argue that the safety of the drug is main issue — and they’re convinced it’s harmless.

I love @scrowder, but his video on marijuana was awfully one-sided. He’s completely right regarding the discourse we’re having, however.

— Luke Londo (@llondo) November 27, 2012

The comments on the video are disturbing. Most young people think Marijuana = completely harmless.

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) November 27, 2012

@scrowder I wonder where the so called ‘marijuana’ is harmless BS originated. If there’s any proof whatsoever.

— Arcane Shield (@ArcaneShield) November 27, 2012

Pretty sure no one my age knows the mental health dangers of #marijuana#weed -I just found out thanks to @scrowder…

— To Be Fair (@To_B_Fair) November 27, 2012

@scrowder Great timing – I’m Heading to Springfield this AM to lobby against”medical” marijuana right now…well done Steven

— Richard M. Hartian (@WinningAgent) November 27, 2012

To all you “free the weed” people that say pot is harmless, you may want to see this from @scrowder –>…

— JeromeFox (@cabinetmeeting) November 27, 2012

While @scrowder does good work and makes some good points here, it’s not very nice to pick on college kids.

— Kevin W. Glass (@KevinWGlass) November 27, 2012

Yeah, college kids — what do they know?

Dude on my fbook’s questioning @scrowder‘s reporting methods 4 the marijuana vid-says he should have interviewed a pro-legal doc & not kids

— Kitten (@katearthsis) November 27, 2012

In addition to his investigation of pot’s health effects, Crowder also challenges the notion that legalizing pot nationally would lead to a massive emptying of the prisons. Not everyone is convinced by the video, though, and many point to the medicinal uses which form the basis of many legalization efforts.

@scrowder Loved the Marijuana video … question. What about the pain relieving benefits? For those of us with chronic pain issues …

— Scott Sawitz (@ScottSawitz) November 27, 2012

@scrowder My neighbor with MS has definitely improved her quality of life using marijuana. Daily pain way down. Try talking to the patients.

— Marc Broussard (@MBtherealme) November 27, 2012

.@scrowder marijuana increases appetite, acts as a pain reliever, isn’t chemically addictive, and a better alternative than many pharms.

— Luke Londo (@llondo) November 27, 2012

While pro- and anti-legalization advocates battle it out on Twitter, Crowder notes that they do so in an environment where more and more states are legalizing marijuana while curbing other “vices,” such as New York City’s banning of sodas larger than 16 ounces.

Let’s ban 32 oz. drinks and legal WEED!Because that just makes so much more sense… #Sarcasm #liberals #idiots…

— Colin Kennedy (@Colin_Kennedy24) November 27, 2012

At least the UN agrees with @scrowder on keeping marijuana #tlot

— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) November 27, 2012

@galtsgirl ban trans fats & large sodas: conservative outrage! Keep gov off our plate! Ban marijuana: it’s for the greater good! @scrowder

— Harold Stickeehands (@StickeeNotes) November 27, 2012

@stickeenotes Technically, I am a conservative.And I somehow do not need government to manage those decisions for me@scrowder

— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) November 27, 2012

@galtsgirl I’m a conservative/libertarian and I trust adults with what they choose to put in their own bodies. I’m not their dad. @scrowder

— Harold Stickeehands (@StickeeNotes) November 27, 2012

Crowder’s not our dad either, but he is like the cool uncle who makes great (and thoughtful) videos. If we’re going to argue that smoking marijuana is a right, let’s make sure our assumptions are right as well.


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