School a Hollywood lib: Energy industry responds to Chris Rock snark!/chrisrock/status/258376972298756097

So, a few days ago, comedian-turned-environmental expert Chris Rock shared his assessment of clean coal with his 1.2 million followers.

They fawned and drooled reflexively:

HA. Preach, Chris! RT @chrisrock Clean coal is kinda like clean porn.

— Domo (@hazzarDeuce) October 22, 2012

A-farking-men. RT @chrisrock Clean coal is kinda like clean porn.

— Meghan M. Hicks (@MeghanHicks) October 17, 2012

@chrisrock Yuuup…neither one will get the job done

— Stevie Mack (@ComicStevieMack) October 17, 2012

@chrisrock You gotta love that “clean coal”!! What’s next? Bright darkness? Wise idiots? Brave cowards? …

— Kevin McDonald (@mickydee60) October 17, 2012

@seefav @chrisrock all of this clean coal nonsense in this election is killing me. #dirtylie #beyondcoal

— Callie Bruley (@calliebruley) October 18, 2012

But today, the Institute for Energy Research struck back.

.@chrisrock stick to #Hollywood, coal keeps the lights on in 42% of the US #WarOnCoal @michellemalkin

— IER (@IERenergy) October 22, 2012

Speaking truth to Hollyweird power:

@chrisrock So you agree that Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry.#news

— Wes Stephens (@RockyTop_VA) October 22, 2012

Spoken like a true energy idiot. Your Volt burns coal, dumbass. RT–>@chrisrock: Clean coal is kinda like clean porn.

— John W. Wilson (@phjwi2) October 17, 2012

@texasda @chrisrock Oh yeah! Imagine them freezing in the dark with no way to go anywhere and no one watching their movies or TV shows

— John W. Wilson (@phjwi2) October 17, 2012

@phjwi2 @chrisrock Maybe we should just stop coal, oil, & gas production. Within 30 sec. they would scream.

— Gary (@texasda) October 17, 2012

The School A Hollywood Lib project can’t be stopped!

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