Twitter tunes into Lexington Police scanner for riot coverage!/PlannedSickDays/status/187024586884382720

UK fans celebrate 8th NCAA Title – Video 1.mp4: #BBN #MarchMadness #Lexington #Kentucky #Wildcats #FinalFour

— Rob Bolson (@FollowBolson) April 3, 2012

RT @JohnxDiaz: We finally have pictures from Lexington!

— Tony R. Myhre (@trmyhre) April 3, 2012

#NCAAFinals PHOTO –> RT @MattNorlander: You've been warned, Lexington.

— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) April 3, 2012

The #lexingtonpolicescanner is pure entertainment right now..

— Dustin Fox (@DustinFox37) April 3, 2012

"Do you have a fire extinguisher she can use?" #LexingtonPoliceScanner

— Landthieves (@LandThieves) April 3, 2012

#classy RT @AlexRainbolt: Pic from Lexington. Wow.

— мεgнαηη (@megnmcdowell) April 3, 2012

It sounds like the zombie apicalypse is going down in Lexington. #LexingtonPoliceScanner

— Cody Harris (@Cody_Harris92) April 3, 2012

UK fans celebrate 8th NCAA Title – Video 2.mp4: #BBN #MarchMadness #FinalFour #Lexington #Kentucky #Wildcats

— Rob Bolson (@FollowBolson) April 3, 2012

Oh gosh, I'm moving to Lexington in 3 months & listening to #LexingtonPoliceScanner has me thinking I'll be staying indoors on game nights.

— Michelle Stansbury (@mbstansbury) April 3, 2012

#LexingtonPoliceScanner burning couches, fireworks, gunshots, crystal meth, looting of liquor stores, flipped police cars, and streakers

— Sonny Corleone (@Santino_Rizzo) April 3, 2012

#LexingtonPoliceScanner Never mind, this guy just got charged with 4 crimes including stealing and crashing a moped

— Kyle (@_laceypanties) April 3, 2012

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