This Special Fungus Looks Like A Zombie Devil Hand From Hell

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There are many beautiful and fragrant plants that grow in forests around the world that make hikes a delight. Clathrus archeri is not one of those plants. The “Octopus Stinkhorn” or “Devil’s Fingers” is not pleasant in any way — and it’s one of the creepiest-looking plants out there.

This delightfully disgusting plant is indigenous to Australia (of course) and Tasmania.

But you can also find it in Europe, North America, and Asia as an introduced species.

The fungus grows from an off-white egg…erupting into bright red zombie fingers.

Not only does it look disgusting, but once mature, it smells like putrid flesh.


As if it would be a surprise, this plant is also extremely creepy as it bursts from its suberumpent egg.

Technically, you can eat Devil’s Fingers without getting poisoned…but the taste is supposed to be terrible.

After all, it smells like a corpse.

In summary: the Devil’s Fingers, which looks like a dismembered zombie hand, is technically not poisonous…but you should still do your best to avoid ingesting it.

You know Snow White never encountered no stinkin’ Octopus Stinkhorn.

Or else she’d be running back to the castle where she’d be killed, rather than playing around in the forest all day.

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