Ken Wahl: Bundy Ranch standoff is ‘1st salvo of THE REVOLUTION!’

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Those paying attention to the standoff between federal agents and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy know that something big is happening. Musician Charlie Daniels asked if the situation was the “first test of military against citizens,” and actor Ken Wahl is wondering if it’s “the first salvo of the revolution.”!/CanuckSentinel/status/454794024915054592!/donna52_9/status/454795737876791296!/ThomasLeath/status/454796246427787264!/SgtTim911/status/454796071756390400

It’s a complicated situation, but Dana Loesch has broken it down on her website and in an appearance on “The Kelly File.”!/Conservativeis1/status/454795352575864833!/kjack57_texan/status/454794773744738304!/000Dillon000/status/454806318495186944!/KenWahl1/status/454808705104482304

A protest has been scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday, and militia groups from as far away as New Hampshire are expected to attend.!/KenWahl1/status/454809701364932608!/KenWahl1/status/454817301141794817


‘Big government is dangerous!’ Charlie Daniels has a question about the situation at #BundyRanch

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