Actor Rob Schneider: ‘I’ve come around, not voting for crappy Obama again’!/DerekSmith91/status/261486183945740288

President Obama is even losing his Hollywood supporters now. Former SNL-er, actor and comedian Rob Schneider is the latest to jump ship. He declared that he has come around and is not voting for “crappy Obama” again. Mr. Schneider tweeted this recently:

Obama lies about Warrentless wiretapping!…

— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) October 24, 2012

Was that the final straw? He teased being disenchanted with Obama earlier this year, in one of his anti-vaxxer rants.

In any event, he now makes his disappointment clear.

Listened to an interview w/ Rob Schneider & he said “as a Liberal & as a Dem there is no way that I can support Obama this term.” #humbled

— Colin Kennedy (@Colin_Kennedy24) October 25, 2012

YES >> Another Obama supporter JUMPS SHIP. Rob Schneider voted for Obama in 2008. Says he’s voting #RomneyRyan2012 in Nov.

— USA Hipster (@USAHipster) October 25, 2012

Comedian, Actor, Democrat, Rob Schneider: “There’s no way I can support Barack #Obama for a second term.”

— Heather M. Murphy (@HeatherMMurphy) October 25, 2012

Video: Actor Rob Schneider Says He Can’t Vote For Obama…

— Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce) October 25, 2012

Let’s go to the video tape!

Twitter users offer their support to the newly enlightened Schneider.

Congratulations to Rob Schneider, another Hollywood Obamazombie liberal who has been released from his zombie…

— Jimmy DeVito (@JimmyDeVito) October 25, 2012

At least Rob can admit his mistakes~The Mighty Rob Schneider: Not Voting for ‘Crappy’ President #wow #tcot

— FL Republican Women (@FloridaGOPWomen) October 25, 2012

SNL’s Rob Schneider won’t vote for “crappy” Obama; @kathrynlopez vindicated.…

— Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) October 25, 2012

Memo to Clooney,ScarJo,Eva Longoria,Jay-Z… if Jon Lovitz & Rob Schneider can figure out Obama is bad for country, then u 4 are REALLY stupid

— Chase Proctor (@ChaseProctorXLI) October 25, 2012

Heh. And don’t forget cultist Russell Crowe, who creepily believes that Obama is “the light and the future.”

When you lose even the anti-gun zealots and avowed liberals like Schneider, things aren’t look so good, huh, champ?


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