Plenty Of Artists Use Paper, But His Approach To The Medium Is Completely Unique

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For thousands of artists, having stacks of paper on hand is essential, since it’s pretty easy to burn through hundreds of sheets before projects even get off the ground. But some creators center their careers around using standard materials in unconventional ways. Instead of using sheets of paper as canvases, a few artists out there have managed to rework this old standby into something totally new.

And that’s where Beijing-based artist Li Hongbo comes in. You may not realize it yet, but you’ve probably seen his sculptural work before. Many of his collections have gone viral over the past few years, and once you see this footage, you’ll understand why.

Li Hongbo creates in the ambiguous space between past and present by reimagining recognizable busts.

These movable sculptures look pretty conventional at first, but they totally transform when people get their hands on them. The interactive quality of his work beautifully blurs the line between creator and spectator.

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