If The Doctor Says You Have A Hernia, It’s Best To Get It Taken Care Of…OMG

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Maybe you’re one of the millions of American males who think that doctors checking for hernias during annual physicals is just a little too invasive. I know I do…or rather, did. You see, if hernias are neglected long enough, the results can be absolutely horrific.

For those not familiar, a hernia is essentially a defect in the abdominal muscles which then allows your intestines to come through and get in where they shouldn’t. Normally, doctors can catch these things early, but sometimes (especially in people averse to doctors), they’re not discovered until they’ve progressed to terrifying levels.

WARNING: this is definitely not for those with weak stomachs.

(via Reddit)

Holy hell, that’s terrifying. Excuse me while I go schedule a physical. I don’t like doctors, but I think I like the concept of this happening to me even less.

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