It takes a village to school ‘persecuted’ village idiot Melissa Harris-Perry!/MHarrisPerry/status/320632079446581248

On Sunday, Sarah Palin called out the ludicrous and creepy MSNBC spot by Melissa Harris-Perry. You see, Ms. Harris-Perry believes all your children belong to us.

Children are community property!

Palin called it “unflippingbelievable” and many others agreed. Collectivism? No thank you.

.@MHarrisPerry : Get real. When the govt “owns” kids REALLY bad things happen.

— John Stossel (@FBNStossel) April 8, 2013

Leave our children alone.

Ms. Harris-Perry apparently not only believes that your children aren’t your own, but neither are your thoughts. If you think independently and disagree with her, that must be persecution!

@MHPshow @chrislhayes @MHarrisPerry I don't think it's "hateful" to say that ad was poorly worded.

— Scott Burton (@scottburton) April 9, 2013

No, for real. She is claiming persecution. With bible verse.

Matthew 5:44.

— Melissa Harris-Perry (@MHarrisPerry) April 8, 2013

So, MHP thinks conservatives appalled at her advocacy of a collectivist child-rearing paradigm are persecuting her?!

— Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) April 9, 2013

Christians in China are persecuted. Melissa Harris Perry is getting called out for saying something absurd.

— Brittany Cover (@bccover) April 9, 2013

Bingo. Actor Adam Baldwin responds to Ms. Harris-Perry.

And, that’s right. She doubled-down on her creepy collectivism. “Lean Forward”? More like “Lean Creepy” into collectivism. Again.

Allow me to double down. Kids are our collective responsibility.

— Melissa Harris-Perry (@MHarrisPerry) April 9, 2013

And if you are *still* tweeting me about the Lean Forward ad on public education, you can read my response here.

— Melissa Harris-Perry (@MHarrisPerry) April 9, 2013

Waah!  Her doubling-down is beyond pitiful:

My inbox began filling with hateful, personal attacks on Monday, apparently as a result of conservative reactions to a recent “Lean Forward” advertisement now airing on MSNBC, which you can view above. What I thought was an uncontroversial comment on my desire for Americans to see children as everyone’s responsibility has created a bit of a tempest in the right’s teapot. Allow me to double down.

Stop tweeting her! Leave Melissa alooooone.

Twitter users rightly give her the business and try to provide some Teachable Moments. It takes a village? Well, it does take a village to school the village idiot.

Sure. Means your doubly wrong. RT @MHarrisPerry: Allow me to double down. Kids are our collective responsibility.

— Shaun McDonnell (@McShauno) April 9, 2013

Send me a child support payment. RT @MHarrisPerry: Allow me to double down. Kids are our collective responsibility.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) April 9, 2013

I have three kids I am going to need to send to college. You got that right @MHarrisPerry ?

— Lauren Coker (@MamaLC3) April 9, 2013

#LeanWeird RT RT @MHarrisPerry: Allow me to double down. Kids are our collective responsibility.

— drew (@FigDrewton) April 9, 2013

@MHarrisPerry I'm going to have 12 just so I can make you take them all to a diner and enjoy the experience of collectively raising them.

— T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) April 9, 2013

@MHarrisPerry No they are not… keep your hands off

— ledtear (@ledtear) April 9, 2013

What about Psalm 139:13? RT @MHarrisPerry: Matthew 5:44.

— Matt Wolking (@MattWolking) April 9, 2013

Actor Nick Searcy weighs in with his usual awesome.

.@JeffShowalter like @mharrisperry , when advocating Marxism, use the word "pray." Makes people think U wont replace God with Gov't.

— Yes, Nick Searcy! (@yesnicksearcy) April 9, 2013

It's OK @halfadam you're better off. @mharrisperry Picked my son up from school yesterday and let him spend all his lunch money on Slurpees.

— Yes, Nick Searcy! (@yesnicksearcy) April 9, 2013

The lessons continue.

The best way to benefit society (or #TheCollective) is to let parents instill that sense of responsibility. IT'S NOT YOUR JOB @MHarrisPerry.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) April 9, 2013

The ppl influencing the lives of children are answering to their values @Mharrisperry. Something you learn from parents. Not a collective.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) April 9, 2013

@MHarrisPerry What you want for other people’s children doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t yours. That isn’t hateful, it’s factual.

— The Wren (@WWren) April 9, 2013

@BenHowe Intact families & good parents to their children = decentralized power, anathema to @mharrisperry & her Lefty pals.

— Joseph Dooley (@Mortal_Weight) April 9, 2013

.@tonykatz @mharrisperry let me get this straight. A woman's body is hers but my kids are not mine.

— Hair (@SHannitysHair) April 9, 2013

I guess if kids now belong to the collective, we can tell the 'my body, my choice!!1!' morons to pound sand. Right, @MHarrisPerry? #tcot #p2

— Kevin Eder (@keder) April 9, 2013

Huh. How about that?

And in a timely nutshell: Words of wisdom from the late Margaret Thatcher.


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